Farakka Agreement Upsc

The Farakka Agreement, signed in 1977 between India and Bangladesh, is an important treaty that has significant implications for both countries. The treaty was signed to resolve issues around the sharing of the Ganges river water, which flows through both countries. The agreement was made necessary due to the frequent flooding of agricultural lands in Bangladesh, which was caused by the unregulated release of water from the Farakka Barrage by India.

The agreement is an important topic for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination, as it covers several critical areas of the syllabus including international relations, bilateral agreements, and environmental issues. Understanding the Farakka Agreement and its implications is vital for any aspiring civil servant.

Some of the key provisions of the Farakka Agreement include the sharing of the Ganges river water between India and Bangladesh, the construction of a barrage on the river to regulate the flow of water, and the establishment of a Joint River Commission to ensure compliance with the agreement. The treaty also outlines the responsibilities of both countries in terms of maintaining the river’s flow and ensuring the protection of its ecology.

The Farakka Agreement has had a significant impact on the people and economy of Bangladesh. The regulated flow of water has improved agricultural productivity and reduced the impact of flooding on communities in the region. The treaty has also paved the way for increased cooperation between India and Bangladesh, leading to the signing of several other important agreements in areas such as trade and security.

The Farakka Agreement is a prime example of how international cooperation can resolve complex issues and benefit both countries involved. It is an important topic for the UPSC examination and requires a thorough understanding of the treaty’s provisions and implications. As a civil servant, it is important to be familiar with these issues and be able to contribute to policy decisions related to the treaty and other bilateral agreements.

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